Marijuana PlantMarijuana ballot initiatives passed in seven out of nine states on November 8, 2016. California, Massachusetts, and Nevada, states where medical marijuana is already legal, passed ballot initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana. A similar initiative in Arizona failed. Maine’s effort to expand beyond medicinal to legalize recreational marijuana is still too close to call. Arkansas, Florida, and North Dakota all voted to legalize medical marijuana. Montana voted to loosen restrictions on the existing medical marijuana laws.

The results were as follows:


  • Arizona – 52% No, 48% Yes
  • California – 56% Yes, 44% No
  • Maine – 50% Yes, 50% No (local outlets are declaring victory for legalization, but it is still too close to call)
  • Massachusetts – 54% Yes, 46% No
  • Nevada – 54% Yes, 46% No


  • Arkansas – 53% Yes, 47% No
  • Florida – 71% Yes, 29% No
  • North Dakota – 64% Yes, 36% No

Loosened Restrictions on Medical Marijuana Laws

  • Montana – 57% Yes, 43% No

Medical marijuana is now legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia. In seven of those states and the District of Columbia, with Maine pending, recreational marijuana is also legal.