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Merritt has successfully defended employers in a wide variety of employment lawsuits and labor disputes in courts and agencies around the country. These lawsuits and disputes have included discrimination cases, contract violation claims and injunction actions. He has also defended employers in class actions and FLSA collective actions. Merritt has represented employers in hearings before the National Labor Relations Board, both as to representation petitions and unfair labor practice charges. He has also successfully defended employers in hundreds of labor arbitrations. Merritt also regularly represents employers in negotiating collective bargaining agreements.

Merritt counsels, advises and trains employer representatives on compliance with the complex field of employment and labor laws and regulations.

The Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA” or the “Act”) establishes the enforceability and primacy of contracts that call for the resolution of disputes to be submitted to and decided by arbitration. Section 1 of the Act, however, provides that it shall not “apply to contracts of employment of seamen, railroad employees, or any other class of

Employment practices liability insurance policies, commonly referred to as EPLI, provide protection against large jury verdicts rendered in cases involving employment discrimination, harassment and other employment law violations. These policies also typically call for insurers to pay the costs of defense counsel in excess of the employer’s retention.

While these policies may indeed provide significant

One of the strongest trends in human resource management is the dramatic increase in the use of mandatory employment arbitration agreements. In late 2017, a study by the Survey Research Institute at Cornell University determined that the number of private sector, non-union employees subject to mandatory arbitration agreements had dramatically increased in recent years. The