On Monday, December 14, electors will gather in every state and in Washington D.C. to cast their Electoral College votes. The outcome of that vote will almost certainly start the final countdown toward significant changes in labor and employment law under the incoming Biden administration. While we do not yet know the full extent of

On January 27, a campaign to amend the Ohio Constitution and raise Ohio’s minimum wage – led by Ohioans for Raising the Wage – took an important step forward when Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost certified that the campaign’s summary of its proposed constitutional amendment was “fair and truthful.” To summarize, the proposed amendment would:

Because of a Constitutional Amendment passed in better times, Ohio must adjust its minimum wage annually based on cost of living statistics.  The Ohio Department of Commerce has just announced that Ohio’s minimum wage will increase by  30 cents an hour (3.9%) from $7.40 to $7.70 per hour.  Tipped employees will see their minimum hourly